What’s Next

Magellanic Penguins

Fig. 1 – source photo
Fig. 2 – composition
Fig. 3 – outline sketch
Fig. 4 – stencil illustration from previous work
Coming next is the third in this series of penguin designs – the Magellanics. Here (in Fig.2) is the design construct from several shots to give me a good composition which I then outline in sketch form (Fig.3). I’ve taken the five main penguins from the same shot (Fig.1) but the two other birds and the background from several other shots to get the effect I want. The sketch will be copied several times on to newsprint to give me the paper stencils to cut by hand, (see example Fig.3 Beach Kings) through which I will print the separate colours. This is the tranquil stage – it’s when the work is about four colours in that it gets a bit dicey, as one wrong mix – too light or too dark – can destroy the colour balance of the whole edition. In short – I could always mess it up!